How to Remove a Clio Matter from My Drive

When you sync a matter to your local desktop from Clio using Google Drive, every change you make to that folder and its files is reflected in Clio.  That includes deleting the folder!
DO NOT DELETE a folder from your My Drive if you are done working on a matter and no longer need it to sync to your computer.  This will delete the folder in Clio for everyone!
Instead, when you are finished with a matter and no longer need it to sync to your My Drive, follow these steps to REMOVE the folder:

Open the Google Drive website:

  1. Single left click the folder you wish to REMOVE from your My Drive.
  2. Click the “View Details” (a circle icon with an “i” next to the gear).
  3. Choose “Details” tab
  4. Click the “X” next to “My Drive”

Now that Matter folder will no longer sync to your local desktop, but will remain inside Clio for everyone to access.
**NOTE**  If you only see “My Drive” and not the Clio folder under Details, you have MOVED that folder outside of its home in Clio.  Please contact your administrator for resolution.