PCLaw 11.0 SP1

pclawWhen you first open PCLaw, it should prompt you to update to the latest version of the application.  Make sure all programs are closed and select YES and it the update will occur automatically on your workstation.

You should see “Successful Installation” and the finish button.  If not, please let me know. Windows 7 workstations may need to RIGHT CLICK the PCLaw icon and choose “Run as Administrator”.

Attached are the release notes for PCLaw 11 SP1 which includes the change log and feature enhancements.  The biggest feature change will be the addition of PCLaw mobility.  More instructions on that will be forwarded in the future.

Be sure to bookmark https://pclawmobility.lexisnexis.com/ on your iPhone or Android.

Here is the full PCLaw 11.0 User Guide (469 pages)