Cleaning Up a MacBook Air OS 10.5.8

lippupalloA customer came to me with their MacBook Air (first Gen) with a 75GB SDD.  It only had 1GB free space on the internal HD and would not run Apple Software Updates.  Software Update would claim that there was not enough free space and 2.9GB was needed.
Monolingual removed all language files (other than English), keyboard layouts, and processor architecture.    Supposedly it not only saves HDD space but also speeds up OSX through optimization.
When running Monolingual, it is important to choose Remove on each tab (Languages, Input Menu, Architecture) individually.  When I hit Remove after choosing all languanges, but was on the Input Menu, it told me I saved 60Mb.  Wow, not great…  But then I realized if I hit remove on the Language tab, it removed about 3 GB of data from the Macintosh HD and the Monolingual app took much longer to run.  Removing architectures (all but Intel and Intel 64bit) resulted in recovering 786M of space.
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IE9 is the Current Most Secure Web Browser Against Socially Engineered Malware

IE9 is only available for Windows 7 (and Vista if you have to use that).  Don’t worry though XP users, IE8 is right behind at number 2 in the new malware study performed by NSS Labs.
NSS Labs Web Browser Group Test Socially-Engineered Malware 2011
IE9 also boasts some impressive browser speed improvements. With hardware accelerated video and graphics, IE9 is FAST.
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How to Add the GooglePlus +1 Button to Your WordPress Posts

Google +1 Webmaster Dev Page
Certain code snippets need changed slightly to add to a wordpress site.
Edit theme footer.php and insert the following just before the closing body tag:

This calls the Google Analytics tracker into play.  Now open your theme Single Post single.php and add the following snippet:

size can equal small, medium, tall or leave out all together for standard
count equals true shows the number of +1 votes, equals false hides that from your page
callback adds site tracking analytic data for Google +1 clicks that can be viewed in Google Analytics.