[Android Theme] BlueStreak5 v0.3 (Dell Streak)

BlueStreak5 v0.3

  • Full transparency
  • Tesseract animated notification shade (status bar background)
  • Lockscreen themed blue with XenoCianoGen icons
  • Rudolf window animations
  • YinYang loading circle – blue
  • G14 Steel Blue status bar icons
  • B4 Carbon Emoticons
  • White notification shade text (improve visibility)

Flash ZIP in StreakMod 3.2.7
Click Thanks on XDA!
Tested working on SimpleStreak 1.2 and SimpleStreak 1.3
Interested in knowing if this works on all Froyo 2.2.2 roms (i.e. StreakDroid 1.9.1)
Works well on #mystreak SimpleStreak1.2 with perfmod oc 1.2Ghz DPI 160 StreakMod 3.2.7. Currently working on baking up the other animated notification trays that they have over at the UOT. This is dependent on the framwork-res.apk of SimpleStreak 1.2 (but may work with other builds). Go bake yourself some goodness at the UOT http://uot.dakra.lt/
This theme is complementary to the theme work chrisrotolo has been doing.
For best results, also theme Phone, Contacts, Clock, and Settings with ChrisRotolo themes:
[THEME][ZIP][Settings.apk 2.2+]