AntiVirus and AntiMalware

You do not want an infected computer!  That is the fear that this particular crap ware variant plays upon.  By mimicking what looks to be an official security scanner, the software informs you of fake infections and asks for your credit card to unlock the full version features to clean your PC.  Do not enter your c.c. numbers anywhere!  That is the SCAM.
“XP Total Security 2011 is a deceiving security program that will pop-up excessive alerts and warning messages aiming to persuade computer users into obtaining the licensed version of the program. XP Total Security 2011 virus usually spread by means of a Trojan that is able to invade a computer by means of rootkit technique. With this method, Trojan or virus will be able to install itself on the target computer without being detected by any legitimate anti-virus application. Other variants of this applications includesWin 7 Total Security 2011 and Vista Total Security 2011. Their existence will provide several annoyances including browser redirection where-in requested web pages will be re-routed to a different server. As expected these web sites will able to download more threats on the already infected PC… Also, XP Total Security 2011 will block any applications to be executed. It will state the the opened program contains viruses and must be immediately remove with the full version of XP Total Security 2011. This deceptive method to promote a rogue program is always been a tactic by rogue developer. They will earn enormous profits from this online fraudulent activity so be careful with it.”
The removal of such nefarious software can be done for free.
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Print file contents of folder

The following will create a text file with the contents of the folder I:20001 to the file c:temp2000-01.txt:
Start > cmd > OK
Dir i:200000001 /b > c:temp2000-01.txt
There is no confirmation or error message displayed.  Just check the c:temp folder.