Fix Honda Odyssey Crosswind Rattle TSB 08-080

How to DIY fix the crosswind rattle in the Honda Odyssey as outlined in Honda TSB 80-080
captureThe TSB claims that it applies to 2008 Odyssey – From VIN 5FNRL38..8B000001 thru VIN 5FNRL38..8B093699 & 2008 Odyssey – From VIN 5FNRL38..8B400001 thru VIN 5FNRL38..8B419525.  However, the forum claims that other owners have experienced similar problems.  There is a three inch plastic garnish molding rising vertically along both front doors that is secured by a single screw.  When driving at highway speeds, crosswind will cause this trim piece to rattle against the metal door frame.  TSB 80-080 is old and some dealerships may not perform work under warranty.  The following is a how to do it yourself quick guide to securing the trim and removing the noise.
Pictured: All the tools needed to DIY fix
First, remove the single screw holding the trim piece in place.  Set aside.  Use any kind of weather proof adhesive.  I used “Super Weatherstrip Adhesive”, but the forum suggests that all purpose caulk or even gel super glue will do the trick.
The problem piece of trim.
Remove the trim by pushing gently up and pulling out.  I applied the weather stripping along the entire edge of the trim rib. Reattach and secure screw. Repeat for both driver and passenger doors.

Thanks to: Forum