Samsung Galaxy Note CM9 Alpha

A quick ScreenCast showing of CM 9 Alpha on the Galaxy Note [XDA Thread]
Ice Cream Sandwich runs GREAT, even with the pre-beta build that does not have ICS graphic blobs.  I changed the DPI to 160 to activate the tablet interface.  Too bad I can’t hang up that phone call 😉
Notice how smooth GTA3 runs (any stuttering is due to the screencast software and not the build).

Dell Streak + Win7 Fastboot Drivers

The SWF tutorials:   qdltool-tutorial or win64-driver-verification-disable.ZIP

  • Disable Win7 64 bit driver verification.
  • Start – cmd (CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER for admin priv command prompt)
  • ENTER:   bcdedit -set loadoptions DISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS_
  • ENTER:   bcdedit -set testsigning on
  • Both commands should complete successfully.  Close CMD window.
  • Reboot
  • Next steps will install certificate from Continue reading “Dell Streak + Win7 Fastboot Drivers”

Theme Android (Dell Streak5)

Theming Froyo Dialer



  • CHANGE android:background=”#ff313131″ like:
  • LinearLayout android:orientation=”vertical” android:id=”@id/top” android:background=”@drawable/custom_dialer_background” android:layout_width=”fill_parent” android:layout_height=”fill_parent”


  • android:background=”@drawable/custom_dialer_background


  • item quantity=”other”> %1$1$d contacts, %2$2$d with phones


  • <public type=”drawable” name=”voicedialer_pressed” id=”0x7f0200ce” />
  • <public type=”drawable” name=”custom_dialer_background” id=”0x7f0200cf” />


  • <style name=”DialtactsTheme” parent=”@android:style/Theme.Wallpaper”>
  • <item name=”android:windowBackground”>@drawable/custom_dialer_background</item>

Once I you get that to compile, follow: [GUIDE]How to Theme Stock Dialer

archive: FROYO framework-res notes…

HDPI 55×55: res/drawable-hdpi/ic_settings_*.png
(MDPI 48×48: res/drawable-mpdi/ic_settings_*.png
HDPI: 72×72: res/drawable-hdpi/ic_menu_*.png
MDPI: 48×48: res/drawable-mdpi/ic_menu_*.png

How to Add the GooglePlus +1 Button to Your WordPress Posts

Google +1 Webmaster Dev Page
Certain code snippets need changed slightly to add to a wordpress site.
Edit theme footer.php and insert the following just before the closing body tag:

This calls the Google Analytics tracker into play.  Now open your theme Single Post single.php and add the following snippet:

size can equal small, medium, tall or leave out all together for standard
count equals true shows the number of +1 votes, equals false hides that from your page
callback adds site tracking analytic data for Google +1 clicks that can be viewed in Google Analytics.

How to Increase AT&T 3G Speed on Android

android3gThere are steps to increase your ROOTED Android phone’s 3G performance on the AT&T network if you are using a stock ROM.  Using the Dell Streak running SimpleStreak 1.2 as an example, I was consistently pulling ~800kbps from various Ookla servers.  My buddy’s iPhone 4 would hit 2.5MB sitting right next to me running the test simultaneously.  The issue does not manifest when using a custom ROM such as CyanogenMod on the Nexus One or StreakDroid on the Dell Streak.  That is because they have already added the modifications to the build.prop to specify the category settings of the radio interface layer (
The radio interface layer is controlled by commands in the build.prop file (2.2.2 Froyo) and indicates the class category of the target network. Android is available on every network throughout the world, so some testing has been done to ensure the best performance on the AT&T 3G network using the Dell Streak. Please note, these settings may work on other phones. In fact, many of these settings were gleemed from Amon_RA’s testing with the Nexus One. Continue reading “How to Increase AT&T 3G Speed on Android”

Android Malware – How to Protect Your Droid

androidmalwareRecently, several malware apps have been discovered in the Android Marketplace.  Tech headlines are brimming with descriptions of malware called DroidDream, DroidKungFu, Plankton, & YZHCSMS.  Well, at least you would think that tech headlines would be all over this subject.  According to Google, just one of these password stealing programs, Plankton, was downloaded over 210,000 times. These malicious programs are capable of stealing personal information, passwords, contacts, emails, browser history, device ids, sending SMS text messages (at a premium cost to you), discretely calling expensive premium numbers, and more;  all the while hiding themselves from you, the user.  These apps are piggybacked onto legitimate looking apps (Angry Birds Rio Unlock anyone?) that you can download from Google’s official Android Marketplace.  Remember the old adage, if it looks too good to be true/free, it is.   Be very wary of installing apps from unknown sources / unknown official market developers.
What does this mean for the average ‘Droid’ user? Continue reading “Android Malware – How to Protect Your Droid”

How to Google, Better

I came across the Google Guide Advanced Operators Reference today and it reminded me just how powerful Google searching can be.  Here is a quick rundown of how to use a few of the more useful operators.
Did you know Google can quickly give you the five day forecast by simply typing in “Weather”?  It pulls geographic location data from your ISP IP address, so it may show the wrong city (in my case, it pulls up Indianapolis and not Bloomington).  That’s ok, just type in “weather in bloomington in”.  That was easy.  Google figured out what I needed by the “o” in Bloomington 😉
Other search operations to try (these should be fairly self explanatory):

Continue reading “How to Google, Better”