Cannon Image Runner 5065 and Device ID Management

How to use device ID management on the Cannon ImageRunner 5065 for copy accounting:

  1. Hit the Log In / Log Out (ID) key on the keypad
  2. Enter your 7 digit matter number as the Dept. ID with password blank
  3. Make copies
  4. Hit the Log In / Log Out (ID) key to log out the matter number (Dept. ID).

Adding matter numbers (referred to as Dept. ID).
All copies not to be accounted are to be entered under the System Management account “1234” using password “1234”.
This should be the first screen you see when you begin copying.  If not, hit the ID “Log In / Log Out” Button to get to this screen.
Enter the System Management account and Log In (ID button).  Then click “Additional Functions” to begin adding matter numbers to the system.
From the Additional Functions menu, choose: System Settings
Now touch “Dept. ID Management”
To enter new Matter numbers to account, touch “Register Dept. ID / Password”
A menu of all the currently registered Dept. ID numbers (matters) will be listed.  Touch “Register” to enter additional.
Enter Dept. ID as the 7 digit matter number (no dash) and leave the password BLANK. Touch OK to complete.  Hit the Log In / Log Out (ID) button to Return to the main screen.  Now when you log in, instead of using the master system account 1234, enter your matter number as Dept. ID and blank password.
You can see the account you are logged into in the bottom left corner.  Copies made are logged to the currently logged in account.  After completing your copy job, hit the Log In / Log Out (ID) button to back out to the log in screen.
Displaying, Printing, and Clearing Copy Totals
The ImageRunner 5065 is now ready for accounting copy totals per matter number (Dept. ID).  To display, print, and clear the totals, begin by logging in with the system management mode Dept. ID:  1234   (password: 1234)
Again, press the Additional Functions button on the keypad, then on the screen, touch System Settings, Dept. ID Management, and now click Page Totals.
From the Page Totals screen, you can print the totals to the copier by touching “Print List”.  After printing the accounting totals, touch the Clear All Totals button to reset accounting copy counts.  This is to be done only by the controller or as designated by the controller.  When finished, hit Done, then touch the Log In/ Log out (ID) button on the keypad.
Here is a short demonstration video: