Safer Web Browsing with Adblock Plus and WOT

Often, when I am tasked with cleaning up a malware infected computer, I am asked “how did this happen?”   The quick answer is: the malware most likely made its way onto your computer through the web browser.  I recommend using Firefox with Adblock Plus and WOT (Web of Trust) for ‘safer’ web browsing.  Google Chrome browser also has these extensions available.
First, make sure your version of Firefox is the latest version.  Click FirefoxHelpAbout Firefox.  If you are already running version 4, it will automatically check for updates and may give you an option to Apply Update.  If you are not running Firefox 4, you need to be.  Click the link to download here:
Click Apply Update – Firefox 4.0.1 is the latest at the time of this post.
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Only on the iPad + Win7 + XP

What you are looking at here is the culmination of technology in the modern age. iPad connected via 2xClient to Windows7 connected via RDP to WinXP!

2XClient – Best Free Remote Desktop for iPad (iOS 3.1.3+)

While everyone seems to be using and loving LogMeIn or Go To My PC with their iPad, I wanted to find the definitive FREE (as in beer) solution to using my iPad as a laptop replacement. I downloaded every free RDP and VNC connection client for iPad in the App store and my finding is that 2xClient beats them all hands down for one simple reason. The on screen mouse pointer.


On screen mouse allows for “mouse over” and dead simple Right Click

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"Automatic update is turned off" message from XP Windows Security Center

After a successful malware removal on a client’s XP workstation, Windows Security center had a message “automatic updates is turned off”.  When I opened Automatic Updates from Control Panel, it showed it was on but never downloaded updates and using Internet Explorer to access returned an error code (didn’t write it down).
Answer was to re-register the windows update libraries.  Open Start > Run > cmd > OK to get into a command prompt. Type the following and wait for “DllRegisterServer in wuapil.dll succedded” message after each line.  After that, Windows Automatic Updates worked fine as did using the IE web site  Tested with XP SP3, should work with Vista SP2 and Win7 SP1.
regsvr32 wuapi.dll
regsvr32 wuaueng.dll
regsvr32 atl.dll
regsvr32 wucltui.dll
regsvr32 wups.dll


AntiVirus and AntiMalware

You do not want an infected computer!  That is the fear that this particular crap ware variant plays upon.  By mimicking what looks to be an official security scanner, the software informs you of fake infections and asks for your credit card to unlock the full version features to clean your PC.  Do not enter your c.c. numbers anywhere!  That is the SCAM.
“XP Total Security 2011 is a deceiving security program that will pop-up excessive alerts and warning messages aiming to persuade computer users into obtaining the licensed version of the program. XP Total Security 2011 virus usually spread by means of a Trojan that is able to invade a computer by means of rootkit technique. With this method, Trojan or virus will be able to install itself on the target computer without being detected by any legitimate anti-virus application. Other variants of this applications includesWin 7 Total Security 2011 and Vista Total Security 2011. Their existence will provide several annoyances including browser redirection where-in requested web pages will be re-routed to a different server. As expected these web sites will able to download more threats on the already infected PC… Also, XP Total Security 2011 will block any applications to be executed. It will state the the opened program contains viruses and must be immediately remove with the full version of XP Total Security 2011. This deceptive method to promote a rogue program is always been a tactic by rogue developer. They will earn enormous profits from this online fraudulent activity so be careful with it.”
The removal of such nefarious software can be done for free.
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