Blackberry Switch Service Account

I recently had to pay for incident support to get my BES 4.1.6 SP7 back up and running and talking to my company’s 8 or 9 blackberry handhelds. Here are the steps I took:
1. Determine service account error by checking BES Log file

  • c:Program FilesResearch in MotionLogsSERVERNAME_MAGT_01_DATE_0001.txt
  • Saw error 5302

2. Export RIM registry key

  • regedit
  • HKCUSoftwareResearch in Motion  Export key

3. Create new Blackberry Admin user account in AD “BESAdmin”
4. AD > DOMAIN.local properties > Security tab

  • Add new user account “BESAdmin”
  • set “Send As” permission
  • verify inheritance to bbery user accounts
  • force if neccessary (advanced security settings for individual user accounts > Allow inheritable permissions CHECKED)

5. Exchange System Manager set Delegate Control

  • right click top level and Delegate Control
  • Add new user account “BESAdmin” as “Exchange View Only Administrator”
  • First Administrative Group > Right Click Properties > Security Tab > Change BESAdmin to add “Administer Information Store” , “Receive As” , & “Send As”

6. Local Security Settings (of blackberry server)

  • Local Policies > User Rights Assignments
  • add BESAdmin account to “Allow Log on Locally” and “Log on as a service”

7. Set new BESAdmin account as local administrator to BES server

  • Computer Management > Users and Groups > Administrator Group
  • Add domainBESAdmin

8. Log on as new account BESAdmin
9. Services.msc > Change “Log on As” to new BESAdmin for all Blackberry services (minus BB Attachment service – that stays as “Local System”)
10. Import HKCU RIM key exported in Step 2
11. Recreate MAPI profile (may need bbery services started to do this…)

  • open “Blackberry Service Configuration”
  • Server tab > Edit Mapi
  • Enter information of Exchange Server, and new BESAdmin account
  • Apply > OK > OK
  • open “Blackberry Manager” and create MAPI profile again using same settings

12. Start BB services or restart server.  Verify handheld communication with server.

How I moved my SQL PA9 database

LexisNexis Practice Advantage 9 Enterprise
Moving from SQL 2000 Sp 3 on MS SBS2003 (S1)
Moving to SQL 2005 on MS SBS2003 R2 (S2)
The order of events is the most important part. Begin with a SQL db file backup from S1 and clean SQL 2005 install with instance name PA9 on S2
1. Run tmutile.exe to create intial SQL db tables. This will create the AdminCTL.tps file. My case also changed the tm9user password from weak to strong.

  • Make sure to set the SQL server name correctly in this step.  Needs to include the server name followed by the SQL Instance name. Ex: servernamePA9
  • Change the database name to LNTPA9 and LNTPA9_Tutor
  • Changed tm9user password (forced me, because old pass was weak)
  • exit tmutile.exe

2. Delete the database objects (LNTPA9 but not tm9user) using SQL manager
3. Create new db with same name. Set DBowner to tm9user. Run PA engineer’s script:
Subject: Script
use [TimeMatters9] — *** SUBSTITUTE TimeMatters9 WITH THE NAME OF THE DB
declare @DBname as varchar(500) set @DBname = ‘TimeMatters9’ — *** SUBSTITUTE TimeMatters9 WITH THE NAME OF THE DB
declare @DBowner as varchar (500) set @DBowner = ‘tm9user’ — *** SUBSTITUTE tm9user WITH THE NAME OF THE DB OWNER/USER
exec (‘sp_defaultdb [‘+@DBowner+’], [‘+@DBname+’]’)
exec (‘sp_change_users_login @action=update_one, @usernamepattern=[‘+@DBowner+’], @loginname=[‘+@DBowner+’]’)
4. Test Connection

Batch Convert Images using ImageMagick

I am using ImageMagick 6.4.1 convert.exe feature to batch convert multiple files. Usually this is from TIF to JPG or even a large JPG to a smaller size. Here is what I have so far:
1. Open cmd and cd “C:Program FilesImageMagick-6.4.1-Q16”
2. convert c:tempfile.tif c:tempfile.jpg (this works)
3. or go into directory containing files to convert
4. mogrify -format jpg *.tif (AHA! This preserves file names!)
I just used this mogrify command to batch resize.  However, it OVERWRITES the originals, so keep that in mind.
5. mogrify -resize 1024 *.jpg
ImageMagick Install:

Gallery2 Ebony Theme

Well, I have struggled with the ebony theme, but finally figured most of the quirks out. For some reason, the slideshow doesn’t work with only this theme, so I just disabled it. I really, really, really like the look with the reflections, so I’ll live. Slideshow didn’t work in the Gallery2Beta I had installed before anyway. Then I had to figure out Dynamic albums with URL_Rewrite and figure out how to edit my server apache config files. I should have kept better notes. Most Viewed and New additions links in Gallery2 work now (in the sidebar) as does download cart in ZIP (very cool). XP Web Publishing Wizard isn’t working (very cryptic error…) but I managed to mount the db with webDav, so who cares?! Something about how many ways there are to skin a cat… Oh, and I think I got the RSS Feed to work.